Author: Ben Kline

Creating a top tier health plan: What are the key drivers? – Part 2

April 23, 2019 | By

This Perspectives series looks at the challenges provider-sponsored health plans (PSHPs) can face. Part 1, Why Provider-Sponsored Health Plans Fail, examined the market dynamics motivating provider organizations to launch health (…)

Mapping the Financial Journey for Health Systems

April 18, 2019 | By , , and

Health system executives understand the move to value-based care is here. But accepting that reality doesn’t answer their questions about when and how to transition from a business model based (…)

How a Hospital or Health System Can Assess the Risk of Moving to Value-Based Payment

March 29, 2019 | By , , and

Health systems considering a strategic move away from the traditional fee-for-service (FFS) payment model to value-based payment approach can benefit from modeling the risks and likely effects of such a (…)

Beyond ACOs: Why Medicare Advantage Should Drive Your Risk Strategy

October 24, 2018 | By

This three-part blog post series highlights why Medicare accountable care organization (ACO) participants should evaluate Medicare Advantage as a longer-term strategy. In the first part, we covered the proposed “Pathways (…)

Trying to Accelerate the Move to Value? The Limitations of Medicare ACOs.

October 19, 2018 | By

Trying to Accelerate the Move to Value? The Limitations of Medicare ACOs Ben Kline, Vice President Strategic Partnerships This three-part blog series covers why Medicare accountable care organization (ACO) participants (…)

Need to drive MA plan membership? Don’t ignore your Marketing and Sales strategy

September 13, 2017 | By

By Ben Kline, Business Development and Joel Andersen, Vice President, Marketing After considerable due diligence, your organization has decided to launch a Medicare Advantage (MA) plan. You evaluated the market and current (…)

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