How we help

Let’s chart your course to value-based care together.

Your health system is facing unique challenges.

And your providers, patients and community are looking to you to lead them toward better health. You’re not on your own, and you don’t have to do it all in one step. Lumeris will meet you where you are in your transition to value-based care. And we’ll provide the guidance, expertise and technology you need to move to the next step.

We’ll help you do what’s right for your team and for the people in your care.

Your journey begins wherever you are today.

Just as your financial, operational and care delivery challenges are one-of-a-kind, so is your solution to create a better tomorrow. Lumeris will meet you exactly where you are to lead you and your team toward better outcomes. Tell us a bit about where you are today, and we’ll show you how we can help.

If you don’t know where you stand or how you can improve, our team can help.

Start Here

My health system needs to:

Improve provider network contract performance

Increase in-network care to deliver higher quality, coordinated care

Restore financial stability

Prepare for value-based contracts

Diversify revenue across service locations

Deliver improved patient and provider experiences

We’ll meet you where you are.


If you’re just getting started with value-based care, our team can step in and help you build the foundation for success. We’ll be by your side as you establish contracts and processes and move forward at your own pace.

Key Goals

  • Improve in-network utilization
  • Improve existing contract performance
  • Build future value-based contract strategy

Key Actions

  • Establish foundation for value-based payer contracts
  • Support existing fee-for-service business during transition
  • Prepare entire system to expand value-based approach

Start your journey with the right foundation.


Perhaps you already have some value-based contracts, even with multiple populations and players. We’ll help you continue the transformation as you build population health infrastructure and explore ways to drive financial and clinical performance at scale.

Key Goals

  • Manage total cost of care, quality and patient satisfaction
  • Enhance enterprise value potential
  • Deliver high-value care

Key Actions

  • Expand your value-based payer contracts
  • Deploy technology, people and process for population health
  • Transition critical capabilities and operations to Lumeris

Care transformation begins now.


If you’re already deep into the process, with capabilities and contracts already in place, we can help you go even further. We can help you complete your value-based care journey and even implement your own health plan.

Key Goals

  • Strengthen market advantage
  • Expand into new markets
  • Improve member satisfaction

Key Actions

  • Expand risk profile and capabilities
  • Deploy full suite of Lumeris technology, services and resources
  • Continue to monitor and optimize performance system-wide

Elevate your value-based care experience.

When you’re ready for the journey, we’re ready to help.

Let us know how we can lead you forward.