The market leader in value-based care.

With so many options today for health systems, medical groups and payers, Lumeris stands out for our unparalleled ability to improve clinical and financial outcomes for our partners.


Strategic advising. Operational expertise. Enabling technology.

Lumeris’ broad experience, deep expertise and proven model help realign care delivery so our partners can provide the right care, at the right time, in the right setting, at the right cost.

As the operator of one of the country’s largest and highest-performing health plans founded by physicians, we know how to help everyone get back to the way healthcare should be—and share in the rewards. Our 10 years of experience and proven results with Medicare Advantage populations has helped us craft an industry-leading solution for Medicare, Medicaid and self-funded populations in value-based arrangements.

Managing Costs
Care Coordination
Consumer Satisfaction

*Our model compared to FFS Medicare.

Achieved 80% of value-based incentives.
Jul 09 2018
Cerner and Lumeris Will Launch Offering to Reduce Complexities for Health Systems Delivering Value-Based Care
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May 2019
May 2019

Building and Operating a Provider-Driven Population Health Services Organization

Discover how to pursue population health management as a health system or physician organization.
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How our model for value-based care delivery helps produce improved, more cost-effective outcomes across populations.
Lumeris CEO Mike Long
  • “What we've learned is that it's as much about a long-term relationship with people who can bring the skillsets for that transformation as it is about the technology.”

    Sandy Gomberg, Former President, Aria – Jefferson Health

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