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Lumeris Launches Open Source COVID-19 Predictive Analytics Model to Help Prevent Unplanned Hospitalizations

Virtual Care Access Package is purpose-built to support providers in proactively identifying and managing high risk patients

St. Louis, MO – April 9, 2020 – Lumeris, an industry leader in value-based care, today announced that it has launched its Virtual Care Access Package solution to help payers and providers prevent hospitalizations during the COVID-19 crisis. The solution provides COVID-19 specific models, analytics and services that are designed to help organizations analyze system-wide COVID-19 impacts and more effectively identify, prioritize and engage with high risk patients.

“Provider organizations are facing unprecedented resource constraints due to the COVID-19 pandemic and need solutions that leverage resources more efficiently,” said Michael Cousins, Chief Analytics Officer, at Lumeris. “We developed this predictive model to help PCPs and care teams proactively manage their high-risk patients and to potentially avoid hospitalizations. This model is easy to implement and can integrate into an organization’s existing EHR workflows to optimize resource capacity as needed.”

The Lumeris Virtual Care Access Package solution consists of advanced analytics and services to support organizations through the COVID-19 crisis and beyond:

  • Health System COVID-19 Diagnostic and Reporting to analyze potential clinical, financial and operational impacts of COVID-19 to the enterprise
  • Open source COVID-19 Predictive Analytics to identify, stratify and prioritize outreach and resources for those patients most at risk for hospitalization, including from COVID-19
  • COVID-19 Patient Engagement Solutions to expand care team capacity and proactively manage high risk patients through an existing EHR, the MyPCP™ Stay in Touch program and the deployment of Lumeris’ Population Health Managers

The MyPCP conversational AI outreach program, Stay in Touch, enables a new generation of patient engagement, helping expand primary care practice capacity to manage high risk patients. Using intelligent software to automate routine health checks, the texting outreach capability enables care teams to stay in touch with their patients virtually, prioritizing resources for those patients in most need.

“In my practice, having the automated Stay in Touch program allows me and my care team to streamline how we engage with all of our patients, which is a game changer for success in population health,” said Dr. Alexander Rudoi, a primary care physician in St. Louis. “With this program we have a way to monitor our healthy patients while proactively outreaching to our highest risk patients, potentially avoiding hospitalizations and freeing up capacity during this pandemic.”

To read more information on the Lumeris Virtual Care Access Package, visit the Lumeris COVID-19 solution page.



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