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Lumeris Launches ‘Enabling Health Value’ Podcast to Explore Latest Trends in Value-Based Care

March 19, 2024


Elizabeth Fowler, Ph.D., J.D., Deputy Administrator and Director of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation to kick off series

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – March 19, 2024
Lumeris, a leader in value-based care enablement, has launched a new podcast series, the Enabling Health Value podcast, which will explore issues surrounding the United States’ healthcare value economy and value-based care. New episodes will be available beginning March 19 and are accessible on popular streaming sites and the podcast’s website.

The Enabling Health Value podcast brings together top-level industry leaders to discuss the current healthcare economy and explore potential pathways to drive value-based care forward. Host Dr. Eric Weaver, Vice President Strategic Marketing, Lumeris, will focus on “harnessing leaders’ brainpower to facilitate transformation in the American healthcare industry.” In each session, he will speak with innovators throughout the value-based care ecosystem encompassing the federal government, hospitals and health systems, physician practices, nonprofits, and the research sector to share knowledge and best practices in health value.

Jean-Claude Saghbini, President and Chief Technology Officer, Lumeris, expressed his enthusiasm for this new thought leadership platform focusing on patient-centric care and value-based innovation. “One of our core values as an enabler of value-based care is Learning, and Lumeris is excited to offer this new platform as a way to drive ideation and facilitate sharing of best practices in healthcare transformation as we work to reshape care delivery across the country.”

According to Dr. Weaver “‘Enabling Health Value’ will help healthcare leaders navigate the path for a winning outcome. With the podcast, we strive to democratize knowledge and highlight best practices in value-based care.”

The first episode of Enabling Health Value features Elizabeth Fowler, Ph.D., J.D., Deputy Administrator and Director of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMS Innovation Center). As one of the foremost leaders in the value-based care movement, overseeing the design and experimentation of new innovative payment models in the Medicare, Medicaid and CHIP programs, she brings unparalleled expertise and insight into transforming healthcare delivery to enhance patient outcomes while containing costs. The episode reviews all facets of CMMI strategy, including payment model design, health equity and APM portfolio changes.

To learn more about the Enabling Health Value podcast, visit www.enablinghealthvalue.com. Those interested in staying up to date with podcast happenings can subscribe to the newsletter here.


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