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Enabling Health Value:

Hosted By Dr. Eric Weaver


Welcome to the Enabling Health Value podcast, where Dr. Eric Weaver of Lumeris interviews the top leaders in today’s evolving value-based care economy. Our mission is clear: to connect you with fellow trailblazers dedicated to reshaping the landscape of health value creation. Together, we’ll navigate the complexities of accountable care and thrive in a new era of excellence and sustainability.

At Enabling Health Value, we serve as a vital resource for those pursuing proactive, patient-centric, tech-enabled healthcare strategies that prioritize quality outcomes and cost effectiveness. This podcast is proudly brought to you by Lumeris, a pioneer in value-based care solutions, enabling success for all populations via risk-sharing and total cost of care models. Lumeris collaborates closely with health systems and physician practices by utilizing cutting-edge technology, advanced risk management, and value-based care capabilities. Our partnerships lead to the co-creation of a system of care that every doctor wants for their own family.

A brighter path awaits in American healthcare. The Enabling Health Value podcast is your gateway to the brightest minds revolutionizing the industry with their visionary leadership and groundbreaking innovations. This show will channel their expertise towards catalyzing value transformation. Join us as we amplify the voices of these pioneers, sharing their vision for reordering the healthcare universe so it effectively serves all populations. It’s time to ignite inspiration and pave the way towards enabling health value for all. Join the movement today!

Podcast with Dr. Robert Pearl

June 10, 2024

Enabling Health Value: Episode 4 | Revolutionizing Healthcare: Generative AI and the Future of Medicine, with Robert Pearl, M.D.

In this podcast episode, Dr. Robert Pearl delves into how AI can empower both patients and doctors, improving clinical outcomes and patient engagement.

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May 3, 2024

Enabling Health Value: Episode 3 | Scaling Innovation in AI, Interoperability, and Health Equity, with Micky Tripathi

This podcast is packed with valuable insights that can help you navigate the evolving landscape of health IT and value-based care.

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April 3, 2024

Enabling Health Value: Episode 2 | Determining Your Medicare Value-Based Strategy for 2025 and Beyond, with Joe Satorius, SVP, Risk Based Medicare and ACO Programs at Lumeris

In this podcast learn the importance of adopting value-based care strategies in the Traditional Medicare program.

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March 19, 2024

Enabling Health Value: Episode 1 | Achieving Equitable Outcomes Through High Quality, Affordable, Person-Centered Care, with Liz Fowler

Elizabeth Fowler, Ph.D., J.D., brings unparalleled expertise and insight into transforming healthcare delivery to enhance patient outcomes while containing costs.

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