John Fryer

Senior Vice President and Head of Market

As Head of Market, John Fryer leads a team that develops detailed and pragmatic solutions that support organizations’ success in the transition to value-based care, and he is responsible for the development of new partnerships. He has focused his career on driving business model transformation, leading project teams to create executable strategies to drive growth and long-term organizational sustainability.

John has a background in technology and healthcare consulting and over the course of his career has developed a range of skills including enterprise strategic planning, financial analysis, value-based transformation, physician enterprise organization, disruptive technology deployment, and clinical integration. He relies on these skills to support health system and managed care organizations as they continue to reinvent themselves in the fast-evolving healthcare environment.

John is passionate about helping organizations in their business model transformation and frequently speaks at and authors content on related topics for conferences and publications. John holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics with a Minor in Entrepreneurship from Wake Forest University and a master’s degree in Healthcare Leadership from Brown University.

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