Lumeris Launches Hands on Approach for Physicians to Rapidly Accelerate the Adoption of Value Based Care

Tribus enhances technology enabled services with physician-to-physician training and mentorship

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – November 3, 2022 – Lumeris, a leading provider of technology, insurance capabilities and expertise to support value-based care models, today announced the launch of Tribus, which builds upon Lumeris proven technology enabled services with physician-to-physician training and mentorship for practices looking for a better way to deliver at-risk care for senior populations.

“It’s an accelerated, community-based approach for practices to convert from fee-for-service to value-based care by learning directly from doctors who have operated in this model for decades,” said John Fryer, President of Tribus and SVP of National Markets at Lumeris. “For practices that want to convert to total cost of care arrangements and are ready to make the leap, this is hand-to-hand work that drives quality patient outcomes, satisfied consumers and solid financials for physicians, payer partners and ultimately patients.”

Dr. Chuck Willey, CEO of Tribus, is a practicing internal medical physician in St. Louis, Mo. As an advocate and early adopter of value-based care for 20 years, his practice business model is now almost 100 percent total cost of care arrangements after previously being almost entirely fee for service.

“Applying this methodology has allowed my group practice to achieve 95+% consumer satisfaction (based on CAHPS surveys) and performance in the top 5% within our payer contracts for financial outcomes while supporting Essence Healthcare’s 5-star quality rating outcomes,” said Dr. Willey. “Beyond the numbers, it is incredibly gratifying to see that healthcare can be delivered in the manner I want for my own family.”

The Medicare population is projected to be nearly a quarter of the U.S. population in the next ten years.  With health systems influencing the vast majority of expenditures for healthcare delivery in the United States,  Tribus supports coordinating the experience of care across all venues of delivery. This  is accomplished in a shared risk partnership structure where Lumeris is aligned around driving performance outcomes with the participating physician partners.

“Total cost of care arrangements continues to rapidly expand, driven by government, commercial payers, and new entrants,” Fryer said. “Health systems, independent provider groups and individual clinicians have an important opportunity to drive and reshape existing delivery models. By easing operations and the delivery of value-based medicine for physician practices, Tribus will make patient care more personal, reliable, and effective.”

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About Tribus

Building on the experience and expertise of Lumeris’ physician founders, Tribus offers another avenue for Lumeris to drive the acceleration and achievement of industry leading patient centric outcomes. They accomplish by bringing physicians who have successfully operated in full-risk arrangements for the last decade to partner side by side with practices to move aggressively into a more stable economic model via advanced risk-sharing arrangements. Supported by the breadth and depth of Lumeris, Tribus is committed to advancing the adoption of total cost of care models in complete alignment with physicians and health system partners who are ready to take the next step in their value-based care journey.

 About Lumeris

With Lumeris as a partner, health systems and providers across the country are fulfilling the promise of value-based care. A joint-operating partner in both value and risk, Lumeris delivers market-leading technology, insurance capabilities and on-the-ground expertise to more than one million patients and 7,000 physicians nationwide. Lumeris is proud to operate 5-star health plans that consistently deliver better clinical and financial outcomes for Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial and Individual populations. To learn more about Lumeris, please visit

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