Lumeris Technology Suite

Technology Designed to Power Value-Based Care

Population health management requires accurate data and a powerful platform to transform that data into actionable insights.

Built on decades of managing the health of individuals under value-based arrangements, The Lumeris Technology Suite spans insights and capabilities from the population-level to the patient-level. The Lumeris Technology Suite platforms provide accurate and actionable data. Insights are used for population level reporting, provider efficiencies and process improvement, as well as real-time patient care and clinical decision support. In addition, health plans have a platform to enable real scalability and membership growth.

Our Technology Enables:

  • Better clinical decisions made possible by the insights and predictive analytics from LumerisRealize
  • Improved patient outcomes through meaningful AI-driven engagement and health co-management between patient and provider through LumerisEngage
  • Health plan growth, highest quality outcomes for consumers, and financial performances through LumerisProtect

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The Lumeris Technology Suite Can:

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Improve information sharing between providers and patients via a multimodal communication and engagement platform

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Deploy point-of-care intelligence to support real-time interventions and closure of quality gaps

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Provide wide visibility of performance metrics to advance the ability to manage risk

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Shorten the timeline to proactively growing value-based lives through scalable technology

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Manage the infrastructure required to adequately track, evaluate, and perform in risk-based contracts

A Sophisticated Suite of Technology-Driven Capabilities

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As the Lumeris Technology Suite's population health and analytics capability for advanced healthcare insights, LumerisRealize transforms large amounts of data into produce reports for care opportunities and trends. LumerisRealize pulls and processes data for multiple data sources (EHR, Claims, SDoH, Medical Device, etc.), leverages intelligence capabilities and predictive analytics for comprehensive Business Intelligence and Clinical Intelligence insights.

Key Goals

  • Uncover medical/pharmacy cost and utilization trends
  • View which providers have opportunities for improvement
  • Understand population level characteristics to recommend programs, interventions, and process changes

Key Actions

  • Workflow efficiencies
  • Optimization of preferred (in-network) resources
  • Identify areas for operational efficiencies including utilization, cost, quality, and more
  • Allow practice and physician leaders the ability to evaluate performance improvement opportunities

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An AI-enabled platform built to engage physicians in proactive patient care, LumerisEngage operates between physicians and patients to promote real-time dialogue and care interventions both at the point-of-care and at any time a patient wishes to engage. With LumerisEngage, routine tasks are automated, communication happens proactively, and care is now virtualized to help facilitate highly coordinated and simplified patient and provider interactions.

Key Goals

  • Monitor patient health status and anticipate care needs
  • Close gaps in care and improve quality scores
  • Save time and money and reduce burnout by improving practice efficiencies

Key Actions

  • Automation of common tasks to scale workforce faster and more efficiently
  • Point-of-care intelligence for high quality, timely care
  • Next best action through patient preferred channels

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LumerisProtect provides products, systems, and infrastructures to assure a secure, reliable, member experience for health plans. The platform enables health plan efficiency by implementing advanced population health workflows that deliver the value of the Lumeris model to achieve the Triple Aim + 1.

Key Goals

  • Increase health plan operational efficiency
  • Manage medical costs
  • Increase digital member experience and engagement

Key Actions

  • Automation of claims, provider data management, and finance planning
  • Expand capabilities to effectively manage spend such as timely alerts for avoidable spend
  • Operationalize plan changes including plan support

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