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One Industry Expert Looks at the Challenges to Moving Analytics Forward Under Value-Based Payment

Among the complexities involved in moving forward on data analytics for value-based payments is the need to push ahead on payment reform, says Lumeris’s Debbie Zimmerman, M.D.

The journey into leveraging data analytics for success in value-based care delivery and payment arrangements is turning out to be a long one, industry experts, and those in the trenches, agree. There are multiple challenges and issues involved, among them, underlying issues around incentives. In developing a feature on the subject for the March/April issue of Healthcare Innovation, Editor-in-Chief Mark Hagland interviewed a variety of industry leaders, including Debbie Zimmerman, M.D., corporate chief medical officer of the St. Louis-based Lumeris consulting firm and CMO of Essence Healthcare, the health plan that Lumeris operates.

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