What’s on the Table for Medicare Value-Based Risk Programs in 2024?

Appeasing your organization’s value-based risk appetite requires strategy, due diligence, and a keen understanding of each of the available options within Medicare’s value-based programs. If healthcare leaders select programs with downside risk that their network isn’t fully equipped to handle, they risk having to foot a large bill to CMS during reconciliation the following year.  Conversely, if they cautiously select programs that offer little upside opportunity, they jeopardize not having enough food to go around and risk losing aligned providers and beneficiaries to other networks providing access to total cost of care models with the population health enablement capabilities to succeed.

In 2024, Medicare is all about variety, as it offers à la carte value-based programs designed to satisfy risk appetites at many levels. It is unlikely that a one-size-fits-all approach will be successful across any large network. As you begin considerations of which program(s) are right for your organization, let Lumeris experts guide you through the nuances, key considerations, and timelines for participation within Medicare’s value-based risk programs.

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