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Jumping on the Value-Based Care Train

While we’ve seen tremendous progress in the shift towards value in 2017, one thing has become very clear—for every forward-thinking health system that is embracing the change, there is also a health system that remains hesitant to embrace any sort of value-based payment program.

Reluctant providers are typically immobilized by fear: the fear of declining profits; the fear of changing to new, unfamiliar processes that require different skill sets; and the fear – or perhaps the hope – that value-based care models are just a passing fad and thus not worthy of the time and financial investment.

Whatever the fear, the reality is that the value-based care train has left the station. Value-based care programs reward providers for the delivery of high-quality and cost-effective care, rather than the quantity of delivered services. Regardless of how willing and ready providers may or may not be, value-based care is more than a passing fad and is on track to replace most traditional fee-for-service models.

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