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Innovation and the Power of AI at Lumeris

May 30, 2024



At Lumeris, innovation is more than just a buzzword – it’s the driving force behind our mission to empower health systems and providers to fulfill the promise of value-based healthcare. Recently, our commitment to fostering a culture of creativity and technological advancement was showcased in the inaugural 2024 Lumeris AI Challenge where we demonstrated the power of artificial intelligence in value-based care!

Our Culture of Innovation

Lumeris – an accountable care delivery innovation company that enables health systems through advanced technology, risk-management, and outcome-based managed services – has been partnering with health systems to deploy multi-service-line, multi-payer type value-based care solutions for decades. Our culture of innovation was borne out of Essence Healthcare, a 5 Star Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plan founded by physicians to achieve superior results through innovative collaboration for managing risk-based businesses.

Advancing Value-Based Healthcare in the Era of AI

More than 10% of our company answered the call for innovation! Themed “Advancing Value-Based Healthcare in the Era of Artificial Intelligence,” our innovation event brought together the brightest minds from both Lumeris and Essence teams.

Over the course of a 4-week period, 20 teams, representing a wide array of functions and roles, collaborated, brainstormed, and developed AI-based applications and prototypes that could play an important role in realizing our vision of creating the system of care every doctor wants for their own family.

While many of the great ideas will be implemented, six stood out and were selected to participate in a live pitch session at the Lumeris Innovation Center in St. Louis, MO. Each team presented their projects to Mike Long, Ben Grabski, Jean-Claude Saghbini, and other business leaders, clinical experts, product managers, operators, and technologists from across our organization.

The energy in the room was exhilarating as team members shared ideas for new and enhanced capabilities that will help us to drive better patient care at a lower cost. 

Fostering Creativity and Collaboration

The Lumeris AI Challenge was not just about competition; it was about cultivating an environment where innovative ideas could flourish. Teams were encouraged to think outside the box and leverage the power of AI to create solutions that could make a real impact in value-based care. The evaluation criteria focused on functional relevance, technology maturity, and market readiness, ensuring that all ideas had the potential to be transformative.

Participating teams had the unique opportunity to work directly with our development team to create a roadmap for building out and enhancing their winning idea. This collaboration aimed to bring these innovative concepts to life with a production release plan, furthering our goal to deliver cutting-edge solutions in healthcare.

The Journey Ahead

As we celebrate the success of this innovation event, we are reminded of the incredible power of AI and the importance of a culture that embraces innovation. The ideas and prototypes born from this event are a testament to the creativity and dedication of our team members. We are excited to see how these innovations will evolve and contribute to our mission of empowering health systems and providers to fulfill the promise of value-based healthcare. At Lumeris, the journey of innovation is continuous, and we are committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with AI. Together, we are shaping the future of value-based healthcare, one innovative idea at a time.

Thanks to the incredible outcome of the AI challenge, our Ideation Engine has expanded beyond the traditional realms of Product and Engineering teams, now encompassing diverse functions across the company such as Clinical, Marketing, Implementation, and Operations. With a rich backlog of innovative ideas and proven development capabilities, our next focus must be on maturing our AI governance framework and refining our deployment processes to ensure seamless and responsible integration of Gen AI into our Solutions. Building on this momentum and responding to the growing demand for more such events, we are excited to announce plans to host at least another AI challenge later this year.

Sr. Vice President, Engineering


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