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Infographic: Starting a Medicare Advantage Plan


If you’re thinking of starting a new Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug (MAPD) plan in 2019, then the time to start planning is now.

Applications to CMS for 2019 will be due in February of 2018. In order to be successful in the application process you’ll need to obtain an insurance license from your state’s Department of Insurance, assemble a high performing care delivery network, put an operating plan in place, and more. The process of standing up and operationalizing a plan often takes more than 18 months from end-to-end.

While establishing an MAPD plan can be a complicated undertaking, such plans are ideal vehicles to anchor a sustainable value-based strategy. In addition to being potentially the best way to realize a return on investments in population health management infrastructure, the level of operational and financial transparency provided by sponsorship of a plan creates an unparalleled opportunity to align incentives across the care financing and care delivery systems, and to offer patients the highest value care.

Lumeris has partnered with some of America’s most successful Provider and Payer organizations to stand-up and operationalize new MAPD plans. Please contact us today to learn more about our advisory, technology, and operational solutions at

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