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How to Develop an Effective Direct-to-Employer Strategy

When developing value-based care strategies, employer groups—particularly large employers—in your community must be included in your approach. However, employers have not found much relief in working with their plans to manage healthcare costs and are now looking to engage health systems in unique ways.

Engagement and dialogue between health systems and employers will lead to value-based solutions, but often the path to financial return is not immediately clear. Direct-to-employer contracts are significantly different from typical payer contracts and demand special consideration and understanding.

Direct-to-employer contracting needs to be part of your value strategy and an operating partner can work with your health system to strengthen capabilities required for successful population health management.

Read this paper to:

  • Discover the steps to developing an effective direct-to-employer strategy
  • Identify the challenges often associated with establish direct-to-employer relationships
  • Discover how an operating partner can help accelerate a health system’s population health strategy and deliver improved outcome

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