Determining Your Medicare Value-Based Strategy for 2025 & Beyond

In the upcoming months, health systems and physician practices stand at the threshold of an opportunity to unlock the potential for long-term strategic positioning and financial security through value-based care. By capitalizing on an open window to enroll in either the MSSP or ACO REACH, your organization can establish a robust foundation for financial stability, centered around proactive and preventive care measures.

The urgency to act is underscored by approaching CMS deadlines, and this valuable resource will aid organizations in evaluating the nuances of the two Medicare value-based programs as these deadlines draw near. In this complimentary whitepaper, leaders from Lumeris provide industry-leading intelligence and commentary on the following considerations:

  • The Urgency of Value-Based Care Transformation
  • Benefits of Value-Based Payment Adoption
  • Risks of Delayed Adoption
  • Strategic Planning Process for 2025 – Informed decision-making regarding participation in MSSP or ACO REACH
  • MSSP and ACO REACH Program Comparisons and Updates

Participation in MSSP or REACH will also serve as a testing ground for readiness in value-based practices, aligning with CMS’ ambitious goal of having 100% of Traditional Medicare beneficiaries in accountable care relationships by 2030.

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