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Edward Scanlan, MD

May 22, 2014 | By

“Our partnership with Lumeris gives us the tools necessary to take better care of our health plan members — especially those lacking a strong relationship with a primary care physician.” (…)

Managing Population Health

April 30, 2014 | By

Managing Population Health One important key to accountability through emerging health networks is the ability to identify and manage the health needs of very specific populations. Population health management is (…)

Guest Blog: Advancing Clinical Performance with Strategic Quality Management

May 6, 2014 | By

Delivering high-quality care is essential to succeeding in today’s evolving market. Well-chosen quality metrics and effective incentives in value-based contracts can lead to healthier populations by generating better clinical, operational and patient outcomes. Lumeris simplifies quality management for health systems, payers and providers.

Lumeris Introduction

October 5, 2023 | By


AHA Webinar: Hackensack Meridian Health’s Success as a Payvider

January 17, 2023 | By


Webinar: Determining Your Medicare Value-Based Strategy for 2025 & Beyond

February 19, 2024 | By

Join us for a complimentary webinar where we will provide invaluable insights into navigating the complexities of value-based care and making informed decisions for the future success of your organization. (…)

Webinar: Determining Your Medicare Value-Based Strategy for 2025 & Beyond

March 13, 2024 | By

  Let’s Talk About How Lumeris Can Help You Succeed In Value-based Care.

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