When it was time to change, Aria – Jefferson Health (formerly Aria Health) knew it was time for Lumeris.

An IDC Customer Spotlight, sponsored by Lumeris

Solution Snapshot

Operational Challenge
Aria Health needed a population health services and technology partner to transition from a fee-for-service business model to a fee-for-value business model.

Aria Health, largest healthcare provider in northeast Philadelphia and lower Bucks County.

  • 3 community hospitals & a network of outpatient centers and primary care physicians.
  • 45 employed physicians across 30 practices.
  • $550 million in net revenue.

Lumeris’ Consulting Services and technology platform support value-based care through patient analytics, performance measurement, care plans, campaigns for selected populations, and communication with individual patients.

Achieved more than 80% of value-based incentives. Engaged physicians with population health data at the point of care. Built the infrastructure to enter into expanded risk contracts.
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The Challenge

Faced with a changing business model, Aria Health took the bull by the horns.

Like every other U.S. healthcare organization, Philadelphia-based Aria Health understood that, due to the transforming landscape of our industry, business as usual just wouldn’t work.

As Aria Health COO Sandy Gomberg stated, “Aria’s vision was to acknowledge and own that our business model is going to change moving forward. That we could no longer continue to function in the same way yet get paid differently.”

Aria Health needed a population health services and technology partner to transition from a fee-for-service business model to a value-based business model. They had to offer financial incentives significant enough to motivate physician behavior change but not overextend expenses.

“On one hand you have to pay to change physician behavior, but on the other you have to keep the lights on.”


What they sought was a successful transition that would fundamentally rebuild workplace policies from the ground up. But this would come with a significant financial investment, with assistance from payer partners who were informed about the reciprocal benefit of helping to close that financial gap.

Aria Health understood that for their enterprise it wasn’t better late than never.

It was now or never.

The Solution Part I

An operational evolution.

Implementing some plug-and-play software package over a weekend doesn’t solve the industry-wide shift in healthcare procedures and payments.

Successfully driving better outcomes in the new healthcare paradigm requires both better technology and experienced consulting support. So in 2013, Aria Health entered a strategic partnership with Lumeris, who offered over a decade of experience in population health solutions that combine technology with consulting and management.

Immediately, Aria Health began deploying both Lumeris’ Consulting Services and proprietary technology to manage roughly 25,000 patients in a shared savings value-based contract. Aria Health focused its strategy on driving quality outcomes for its entire attributed population, not just those patients who historically accessed Aria Health physicians or hospitals.

But, for Aria Health, the physicians had to be the drivers in their new population health model.

“What we’ve learned is that it’s as much about a long-term relationship with people who can bring the skillsets for that transformation as it is about the technology.”


The Solution Part II

Driven by incentivized, engaged physicians.

Among the greatest initial challenges was achieving buy-in from physicians, by educating them on population health best practices and changing some of their daily workflows.

Working with Lumeris, Aria Health helped its physicians create new workflows, change the way charts were prepared and identify staff accountabilities. This meant that rather than investing in additional personnel, better roles and responsibilities were identified and refined for both administrative and clinical staff.

These adjustments were made with the single-minded goal of giving the physicians the information they needed on time, when the patient was in front of them. So patients would receive required screenings and preventive services, and the physicians could see the immediate impact of their work.

“If you give doctors who want to do the right things for their patients and their practice enough data to do the things that will make a difference in the lives of their patients on a day to day basis, they’re going to do that.”


Along with a shared savings incentive, this motivated physicians to change how they managed their workflows.

Once the physicians became engaged, they became advocates for population health throughout the enterprise. For the most effective buy-in, conversations about Aria Health’s new model of care had to take place physician-to-physician, rather than coming from the clinical integration team by way of the office staff. Aria Health was stalwart in their stance that a new approach would be doctor-driven and administratively-led. And it’s a good thing they were.


Driven by incentivized, engaged physicians.

By trusting Lumeris’ technology-enabled services, Aria Health’s enterprise has already witnessed notable results.

Aria Health is consistently achieving more than 80% of its value-based incentives across multiple contracts. Physicians and the care delivery team are highly engaged, using population health data at the point of care, as well as building the infrastructure to enter into expanded risk contracts.

But the biggest real-life benefit has been decreased gaps in care across the whole enterprise. Because physicians have access to data while in front of the patient, they can close the gaps by placing an order for a screening or preventive service right then, which makes a big difference in the health of each patient.

It’s a testament to the fearlessness of Aria Health that, once they decided that their traditional approach to healthcare simply wouldn’t work anymore, they took on a significant investment with a trusted partner. Warm smiles and hard data are now rewarding Aria Health’s courageous plunge into the unknown, as Aria Health now finds itself upon the precipice of a new frontier of healthcare.

“We have achieved 80% or more of the pay for value opportunity that’s on the table, consistently across our multiple contracts.”


Now is the time.