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Aligning Physicians for Value-based Care

Physician alignment is essential as health systems move toward value-based models. Surveyed leading health systems point to several strategies they use to work with their providers as they change the way care is delivered, such as developing clinically integrated networks (CINs), supporting employee culture, developing communication and governance processes, and incorporating contract metrics around quality and cost.

Another key finding is determining which value-based metrics are used in physician contracts and compensation models. According to survey respondents, patient satisfaction and quality performance at the group and individual levels are used most often. In Lumeris’ experience, aligning incentives around cost and quality and other value-based components is foundational to drive success in value-based care. In addition, ensuring individual physicians and groups share risk to align around outcomes is also required for supporting behavior change.

To be successful in value-based care, health systems must align new care delivery and business models. Read additional survey reports from the Health Management Academy and Lumeris and learn how health systems are executing on their value-based care strategies.

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