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John Burbank

Founder, Nimble Partners

John Burbank is the founder and managing member of Nimble Partners, LLC, a San Francisco-based venture capital platform which he established in 2020. Nimble Partners invests in promising early-stage fund managers and makes direct and co-investments in early-stage and growth start-up companies, providing strategic advice, follow-on capital and more. Nimble Partners focuses on sectors and investments where technology can be particularly disruptive and accelerate change.

Prior to Nimble Partners, John founded Passport Capital, LLC, a global alternative investment firm that has operated continuously since 2000. As Chief Investment Officer, John directed Passport’s use of macroeconomic analysis to develop major themes and rigorous fundamental research on individual companies to create global portfolios.

John earned a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Duke University and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. John’s private portfolio is predominantly focused on early-stage technology investments largely in fintech, consumer tech and health tech. An avid sports fan, John is also a minority owner of the Golden State Warriors.


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