Stay in touch, without touching.

Lumeris’ COVID-19 Stay In Touch Program gives you access to your doctor through simple, interactive text messages.

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Stay Home, Stay Healthy, Stay in Touch.

Lumeris’ COVID-19 Stay In Touch Program gives you access to your doctor through simple, interactive text messages.

The program is an outreach service that uses Lumeris MyPCP™ to help you communicate with your doctor’s office from the comfort and safety of your home during the current pandemic emergency.

Benefits for you:

  • Respond to a few short questions from your doctor and send your responses to them so they can follow-up with you
  • Maintain a connection with your doctor, without leaving your home
  • Daily or weekly check-ins to assess your health and medication needs
  • Recommendations for trusted resources for information on COVID-19 and support services for essential needs

Note: You enroll in the Stay in Touch program using a mobile-friendly web page that we text you a personal link to. A web browser is only required for initial enrollment. You can text STOP to unenroll at anytime.

Who is Lumeris?

Founded in 2000 and headquartered in St Louis, Missouri, Lumeris is an affiliate of the Essence Healthcare Medicare Advantage plan. Lumeris’ more than 1,000 employees work every day to help doctors, health systems and health plans, including Essence, make health care safer, more affordable and more personalized.

We were founded on the belief that it should be easier to provide the right care, at the right time, at the right cost.

We strive to help you be healthier throughout your life by providing you, your care team, and your sponsors of care (your employer or health plan), with the care coordination and management services to improve quality, reduce cost and increase the happiness of both the providers and recipients of health care.

Peace of mind. Trusted resources. From the comfort and safety of your home.

With this program you can:

  • Let your care team know how you are doing  in your own words

  • Help your doctor decide if you need a follow-up phone call, virtual check-in or office visit for any health-related reason, not just COVID-19

  • Alert your doctor if you need help with medication refills

With this program you avoid:

  • No apps to download or install, it works with any cellphone with text messaging

  • No waiting on hold on a busy phone line or navigating phone menu options

  • No unnecessary travel to your doctor’s office

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