Sign-up for our Stay in Touch outreach program for primary care practices, one of the COVID-19 Patient Engagement Solutions in our Virtual Care Access Package

The next generation of personal care.

The solution primary care practices need to bring care teams and patients together.

Health care doesn’t have to be complicated.

My Personal Care Platform, known as MyPCP™ for short, helps your current doctor provide simpler, more personal care to you.


Save time and reduce frustration by handling straightforward interactions with your doctor’s office using MyPCP whenever it is convenient for you. If MyPCP cannot help automatically the team at your doctor’s office can jump in.


Instantly contact or reply to your doctor and their team so you know they care and you receive the right care.


Receive guidance from your doctor throughout your personal health journey, making the best shared decisions together.

Stay In Touch without touching

Your doctor may offer you our Stay in Touch outreach program to help check-in with you regularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. This program gives you access to your doctor through simple, interactive text messages.

Automatically handle common health-related tasks

Handle routine yet time-consuming tasks like:

– receiving notifications about normal lab results

– letting your doctor know about hospital admissions, discharges, and ED visits

– scheduling office or virtual care appointments.

  • Use MyPCP when it’s convenient to you.
  • Free up time spent playing voicemail tag.
  • Reach your doctor the way you prefer, directly and personally.

Communicate with your doctor and their team.

Instantly communicate with your doctor’s office via text message to share information and respond to any questions they have.

  • Protect privacy through optional user of Secure Chat (requires using a web browser).
  • Reduce worry and help decrease unnecessary costs when something is on your mind without scheduling an appointment.
  • Quickly provide no-extra-cost access to care advice and triage in one step (sending a text) without requiring additional smartphone apps.

Navigate health decisions with your doctor.

[COMING SOON] Provide a simple way to guide you through marking informed, shared decisions about your health and care with the Shared Plan Of Care and Knowledge.

Use MyPCP to stay in touch with your doctor and their team throughout your long-term health journey wherever it may lead.

  • Allow all care team members to stay informed on your health journey and shared care plan, enhancing coordination on actionable items and progress toward personalized health goals.
  • Improve satisfaction, reduce anxiety and help ensure better shared decisions are made that respect your unique context.
  • Keep shared plans and goals in an open, portable format unlike siloed apps that trap important information.

What people are saying.

“My experience has been good. Any questions I’ve had I’ve been able to get answers the same day.” - - Patient in St Louis
“I’ve been in touch with [my doctor] and I’ve been able to change my prescription, express my needs, and I didn’t have to wait to go see him” - - Patient in St Louis

Making it easy to get started

No Cost.

There is no cost to you to use MyPCP (carrier charges for text messages may apply)

No Risk.

You're always in control: we always ask if you want to join MyPCP programs and you can STOP at any time

No Installation.

No software to download, no app to install, works with any phone with SMS (web browser required for enrollment and Secure Chat).

No Worries.

Get help directly from your doctor's office or ask for HELP via text.