Sign-up for our Stay in Touch outreach program for primary care practices, one of the engagement solutions in our Virtual Care Access Package

The next generation of personal care.

The solution primary care practices need to bring care teams and patients together.

Health care doesn’t have to be complicated.

MyPCP™ helps you provide simpler, more personal patient care.


Save time and increase morale by automating routine but time-consuming daily tasks.


Instantly contact or reply to your patients so they know you care and they receive the right care.


Guide your patients through their personal health journeys, making the best shared decisions.

Stay In Touch without touching

Sign-up for our Stay in Touch outreach program for primary care practices, one of the COVID-19 Patient Engagement Solutions in our Virtual Care Access Package

Automate your repetitive tasks.

Eliminate routine yet time-consuming tasks like:

– calling patients about normal lab results

– monitoring patient admissions, discharges, and ED visits

– scheduling next available office appointments.

  • Enhance workflows using our workflow design service.
  • Free up time to invest in excellent medicine, continuous improvement activities and mental well-being.
  • Reach your patients the way they prefer, directly and personally.

Communicate with your patients.

Instantly communicate with one or a set of your patients via text message to share information and respond to any questions they have.

  • Protect privacy through optional user of Secure Chat (requires patient to have smartphone with web browser).
  • Reduce worry and help decrease unnecessary costs such as avoidable ED visits.
  • Quickly provide no-extra-cost access to care advice and triage in one step (sending a text) without requiring additional smartphone apps.

Navigate health decisions with your patients.

[COMING SOON] Provide a simple way to guide patients through making informed, shared decisions about their health and care with the Shared Plan Of Care and Knowledge.

Use MyPCP to stay in touch with them throughout their long-term health journeys wherever it may lead.

  • Allow all care team members to stay informed on patients’ health journeys and shared care plans, enhancing coordination on actionable items and progress toward personalized health goals.
  • Improve patients’ satisfaction, reduce their anxiety and ensure better shared decisions are made respecting their unique context.
  • Keep shared plans and goals in an open, portable format unlike siloed apps that trap important information.

What people are saying.

“In my practice, having the automated Stay in Touch program allows me and my care team to streamline how we engage with all of our patients, which is a game changer for success in population health. With this program we have a way to monitor our healthy patients while proactively outreaching to our highest risk patients, potentially avoiding hospitalizations and freeing up capacity during this pandemic.” - - Alexander Rudoi, MD | Internal Medicine | St Louis, MO
“What I really appreciate about MyPCP is the ability to provide a proactive access point for the population that I serve. By automating outreach to my patients, I am able to offload some very important work, which in turn frees up my team to focus on other vital tasks that help to ensure the health of my patients. I have already had some early successes in identifying individuals with significant health issues that would not have contacted me via traditional means, and have been able to intervene earlier in their course resulting in better outcomes.” - - Sean McLaughlin, MD | Internal Medicine | St Louis, MO

Making it easy to get started

No Cost to start.

Use MyPCP’s Stay in Touch program with any or all of your patients free of charge.

No Risk.

You're always in control: get started with just a few patients you choose and retain control over who can text you (all without sharing your person cell number).

No Installation.

No software to download, no patient app to install, works with any phone with SMS.

No Worries.

Easy help and feedback with built-in training guides, release notes and help for office users plus text chat-based help for consumer users.