Charles J. Willey, M.D.

CEO, Tribus

After medical school at the University of Missouri Columbia, Dr. Willey completed his residency in Internal Medicine at St. Johns Mercy Medical Center in St. Louis. He has practiced Internal Medicine in South St. Louis and its 4 surrounding counties for almost 40 years.

He has engaged the business of medicine his entire career and has experience on all sides with an emphasis on insurance. Most recently, while still practicing medicine, Dr. Willey is working with Lumeris to create and deploy Tribus, a capability that combines Lumeris’ proven value-based care model with physician-to-physician training and mentorship for practices looking for a better way to deliver at-risk care for senior populations.

Dr. Willey has been married for over 35 years, has 4 children, and his interests include family, entrepreneurship, public policy, reading, hiking, and hunting.

Because the business of medicine could be a significant help or hindrance to quality patient care Dr. Willey has advanced the following programs:

  • Medical office development 1991
  • Founder of South County Outpatient Surgery Center in 1992
  • Merger of 5 practices to form Beacon Healthcare in 1994 and its CEO
  • Merger of Beacon with Health Key in 1996 to become Esse Health and its CEO
  • Cofounder/inventor, initial CEO 1999, Wellinx an award-winning e-prescribing device
  • Expanded Wellinx to in-office dispensing and full electronic medical record software
  • Founder Adult Day Care Center 2001
  • Founding CEO 2003, Essential RRG a professional liability company
  • Founding CEO 2004 of Essence Healthcare a Medicare Advantage health plan
  • Founder Vicinia Health a 35 physician IPA with 13,000 full risk lives
  • Internal medicine practice Innovare Health Advocates has 5 offices in 4 counties
  • Manages 1800 full risk Medicare Advantage lives 5+ Star rating and top tier financial results
  • CEO of Tribus

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