COVID-19 Statement

Dear Friends,

We are in unprecedented times and like all of you we are following the COVID-19 pandemic closely. As a health plan operator, an employer, and a partner to health systems from New York to California, we have an important responsibility to protect the health and safety of our associates, members, care providers and communities.

To support the safety of our employees and protect the community at large while conducting business, we have assembled a COVID-19 Taskforce, led by our Corporate Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Debbie Zimmerman, along with our Chief Operating Officer, Chris McGinnis. This taskforce is implementing CDC, federal, state and local guidelines to ensure a healthy and safe workplace. We are responding in multiple ways:

  • Lumeris Offices and Staffing

    St. Louis county, the city of St. Louis, the state of Illinois, Wake County, the city of Raleigh and many other cities where we have operations and clients ordered all residents to stay at home, except for essential activities (described below). Considering this mandate, all of our buildings across the country are providing flexible working environments. Because of the support services we provide to our members and clients, our business is considered essential under these mandates. In order to continue serving our members and clients and to maintain compliance with CMS requirements, a small number of employees will be permitted on site.

    We have also instituted a corporate no-travel policy to help mitigate the spread of this disease and to protect both our employees and the front-line care providers we serve.

  • Our Clients

    We acknowledge that many of our partners and clients are at the forefront of this global pandemic and are being pushed to extraordinary limits. Lumeris will continue to provide support and services during this time, and we are grateful for their commitment to this public health crisis. We are actively determining the best options for deploying our expertise to address current and forthcoming challenges. These include:

    • Predictive analytics to identify and engage patients at risk for COVID-19
    • Addressing immediate primary care practice pandemic response needs
    • Support for high-risk/vulnerable populations
    • Financial scenario modeling
    • Long-term strategic/recovery planning


    Learn about our COVID-19 Solution here

  • Business Continuity

    Lumeris has business continuity plans in place. Our commitment is to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our partners and clients to flexibly meet these unprecedented challenges. Furthermore, we are committed to supporting post-pandemic healthcare system sustainability to ensure financial strength, operational excellence, and resiliency in the face of uncertain future challenges. We will continue to stand with our healthcare partners to weather this crisis, transform healthcare into a more efficient and effective system and inspire a much bolder population health mission for our country.

For updates regarding our policies, please visit our COVID-19 response page.

Thank you to all who are committed to stopping the spread and threat of COVID-19. And a special thank you to all healthcare professionals who are ensuring, with their courage and selflessness, that our communities will be safe. We are forever grateful.

Learn more about our response to COVID-19.

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