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The transition to value-based care continues to accelerate

March 28, 2019 | By

Market and regulatory pressures continue to drive health systems toward value-based payment. In a survey of leading health systems, half of executives state that the shift to value-based care is happening either quickly or very quickly at their organization. Moreover, respondents indicate that 23% of total care delivery in the last quarter of 2018 was (…)

Thinking of Starting a Medicare Advantage Plan? 2021 Starts Now

March 26, 2019 | By

Provider-sponsored health plans and Medicare Advantage are gaining traction as a critical strategy for profitable, value-based care. However, many provider organizations underestimate the necessary lead time and effort required to move from consideration to activation. Planning for a 2021 launch needs to begin now starting with a detailed market and organizational feasibility study for standing (…)

Making Sense of Medicare: One Health Insurance Agent’s Approach to Educating Today’s Seniors

March 21, 2019 | By

Let’s have lunch! Lee Green is not your typical health insurance agent. Formerly the chief sales and marketing officer at a provider-sponsored plan, Lee took early retirement to start a new career doing the work he had overseen for years. After a two-year stint as a benefits consultant, he struck out on his own, focusing (…)

Are You Keeping Your Executives Accountable During the Transition to Value? – 2019’s Top 5 Board Questions

March 12, 2019 | By and

Increasingly gloomy credit rating forecasts threaten to cast a cloud over the not-for-profit health system sector[1].  Traditional business models are under serious pressure and as value-based care and payment accelerates into an unavoidable but crucial strategy, these are the questions progressive Board Members are asking themselves: 1.    What resources are dedicated to managing risk today (…)

Critical Drivers for Success in Value-based Care

March 1, 2019 | By

Health systems across the country are accelerating their move toward value-based care. Whether they are looking to manage value-based contracts with payers in the market or launch their own health plan, providers are realizing that much of the difficulty in transformation lies in the “how”. Operationalizing value-based models successfully can be challenging for organizations new (…)

Disruption in Healthcare Offers New Opportunities for Health Systems

January 31, 2019 | By

As healthcare accelerates toward value-based models, health systems must find ways to remain relevant in the new era. New strategies, business models and care delivery innovations continue to change the healthcare landscape. To find out more about what leading health systems are saying about trends in the market, click here to read surveys from the (…)

Decision Time is Here as Medicare Finalizes Pathways to Success

January 29, 2019 | By and

by Josh Neal, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships and Philip Ikoku, Director, Strategic Partnerships The New Year is shaping up to be one of new beginnings for many of the nation’s accountable care organizations (ACOs). In case you missed it, CMS issued a final rule on December 21, 2018, that, once enacted, will redefine the current Medicare (…)

Why Provider-Sponsored Health Plans Fail – Part 1

January 23, 2019 | By

by Matt Nolan, Vice President, Lumeris This Perspectives series looks at why provider sponsored health plans (PSHPs) fail. This post, Part 1,  discusses the market dynamics that are forcing organizations to stand up their own plans and the major strategic misstep many PSHPs make when bringing a plan to market.  Last year, Lumeris published a (…)

Lumeris and The Health Management Academy Q4 2018 Surveys

January 11, 2019 | By

Lumeris and The Health Management Academy (The Academy) are surveying leading health systems to understand strategic factors impacting their move to value. Each quarter, we bring data and insights covering our findings across key areas. The strategic survey reports include: Consolidation: Determine how market consolidation is impacting surveyed health systems; Physician Alignment and Evolving Payment (…)

Enabling providers for success in value-based care can require hard decisions

December 20, 2018 | By

Effective provider engagement in value-based care is an ongoing operation that requires a comprehensive approach and proven methodologies. In the first post we illustrated the different activities to implement for a provider group early in their risk journey. In the second installment, we focused on how creating the right infrastructure enables growth and expansion in (…)

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