Big Data, PCP Engagement Aid Mount Sinai with Population Health

Big data analytics tools, paired with buy-in from primary care providers, are enhancing population health management at Mount Sinai Health System.

While the majority of healthcare organizations have at least recognized the importance of population health management, large integrated delivery systems with hundreds of locations and thousands of providers often find it difficult to drive positive changes into every corner of their vast domains.

Patchwork technology, patient attitudes, poorly aligned financial incentives, and the innate challenge of getting scores of independently-minded clinics to overhaul their traditional processes while maintaining productivity can make a coordinated population health program seem like a nearly impossible task.

Luckily, the growing maturity of big data analytics tools is helping to forge new links between colleagues in large networks such as Mount Sinai Health System, giving executive leaders more actionable insight into how to collaborate in pursuit of value-based care and population health.


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